Why Prosperfit

The biggest reason is Trust. Prosperfit is India’s #1 financial fitness platform that offers unbiased financial guidance, education, and tools that make you great with money! We keep your information safe and do not earn any commissions from selling financial products. Our main goal is to equip and empower You to make smart financial decisions and achieve financial aspirations faster.

How it works


Set your Money goals
e.g. “I want to pay-off loans faster!”


Prosperfit’s smart algorithms measure how financially-fit you are, and find out your gap areas.


Receive step-wise action plan to fast-track your Money goals. You can also opt for 1-to-1 guidance by our unbiased financial experts.


There’s nothing more exciting than watching your financial goals come closer with every step you take using proper guidance and knowledge.

Success stories

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    • Chirag Suchak
      Manager-HR, VF Brands

    The critical difference lies in the distinction of information vs. advice. In the information age the information is readily available from multiple sources but Prosperfit distills the wealth of information through the filter of its vast experience & helps you with advice that is actionable, relevant, saves you time and makes you money in the long haul. Prosperfit conducted an engaging knowledge sharing session, at our VF Bangalore office last month wherein all the VF ladies were overwhelmed with the facts shared by team around financial management. Hence, to us, Prosperfit is India’s only financial advisor with a team of enthusiasts who focus on customized viable solutions for their users.

    • Amit Sachdev
      Manager-HR, Tata IQ

    It is important to keep pace with current fast changing economic scenarios, what more important is to be aware of impact specially financial impact in one's healthy life. The Financial Fitness Initiatives and experience connects the unconnected dots and acts as guiding path to take charge of financial wellbeing in one's life.
    I see a value in the initiative in making people plan better financial discipline for self and family future.                           

    • Sanjay. P
      Coal India

    It becomes quite difficult to bring a large section of employees under a common wellbeing program, while making sure that it stays relevant for each member. The financial fitness software initiative does that while making people feel informed and confident of their financial life. It makes them empowered to plan ahead for more secure future for their families. We found good value in website as well as the customised workshops for various teams.